An Overview of Japanese Mail Order Brides

In recent years, the concept of a “mail order bride” has been gaining traction in popular culture. A mail order bride is a woman from an international location who signs up to a service that helps her find a husband from another country. This article will provide an overview of Japanese mail order brides, exploring their history and culture, as well as shedding light on the reasons why they might choose to become mail order brides.

Japanese bride

What is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride is someone who uses an international marriage agency to find potential partners and connect with them through these services. The process usually starts with someone signing up to a marriage agency or website, creating a profile and then searching for potential matches. Once they have found someone they are interested in, they will then contact the person and arrange to meet them in person or even start corresponding over email or messaging platforms like Skype.

The History of Japanese Mail Order Brides

The concept of a mail order bride is not new; it has been around for centuries. In Japan, however, the practice became especially popular during the Meiji period (1868-1912). At this time, many Japanese men were leaving their families to go off and work abroad in search of economic opportunities. This created a huge demand for women willing to marry these men, so many young women from poorer backgrounds began entering into arranged marriages with foreign men. These marriages were seen as beneficial for both parties involved – the man was able to get married without having to leave his family behind and the woman was able to gain access to a better life outside her home country.

Reasons Why Women Become Mail Order Brides

There are many reasons why women may choose to become mail order brides. Some may be driven by financial reasons – perhaps they come from impoverished backgrounds and view marriage as an opportunity to improve their standard of living. Others may be motivated by personal factors such as finding true love or wanting to experience life in another country. No matter what the reason, it is clear that becoming a mail order bride can be extremely rewarding for both parties involved – providing them with opportunities they would not have had otherwise.


For centuries, women have been using marriage agencies and websites as tools for connecting with potential partners from other countries. Today’s Japanese mail order brides are no different; these services provide them with access to better lives and greater economic security than they could hope for at home. This article provides an overview of Japanese mail order brides – exploring their history, culture, and reasons why they may choose this path – making it easier for those interested in learning more about this unique form of marriage arrangement understand what makes it so attractive for those involved!

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