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Is She Feeling A Burning Sensation After Sex? This Could Be Why

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Burning Semen

My current boyfriend is the first guy I have let come inside me without a condom, and when he does it burns anywhere it touches for more than a minute. We have both been tested for STDs and are clean, so I know it’s not that. I’m curious as to why it does that and how it could not happen virtually any more as it tends to make it considerably fewer fun to have got sex with him or her.


Lindsay lohan,

It had been smart thinking about your part to find the possibility of Sexually transmitted diseases eliminated, but have got got you ever before regarded the concept of which often his semen may possibly possibly feel since if it’s shedding because it’s annoying an inflamed place? It’s likely he is not necessarily reaching climax balls regarding fireplace into an personal, so discuss generally the probability of vulvar vestibulitis along with your existing physician.

Vestibulitis is a trouble that causes irritability, redness and pain in the neighborhood around generally the vagina’s beginning and in typically the reduced part regarding the vagina. Since semen is acidulent, a burning experience is felt right away upon exposure to typically the inflamed vaginal location.

Symptoms typically include:

  • Pain upon pressure (ex. while biking, doing exercises, etc. )
  • Pain when inserting a new tampon or in the course of intercourse
  • The need to urinate frequently
  • Vestibular redness

Consult with your medical doctor to rule out there this condition.

Donald Zimmer

Period passion

I’d like to know if this is normal: When my girlfriend is on her period, I know automatically. She smells really good during this period and it puzzles me why I am so attracted to her. Is this normal?



Olfaction (the perception of smell) is usually a very innate part of physical/sexual attraction. The best smell can send out you lusting following someone, while typically the wrong smell could have you quickly repulsed by these people. I am let’s assume that you are captivated to your girlfriend’s smell every single day, nevertheless just a tiny in addition on days and nights that she’s menstruating, and rest certain that there’s a new good reason regarding it.

Based to research, there are particular points during a new woman’s menstrual routine when she creates either approximately female, and this impacts her scent. That means, during these periods in her routine, you may be more or perhaps less attracted to be able to be able to her scent. Thankfully, to help you, her scent change ignites your current current attraction to be able to the woman. In like manner response your issue: Sure, you could take into mind oneself normal and lucky.

Donald Zimmer

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